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  • Visitizer-Resto for bars, cafes and restaurants.


    Visitizer-Resto is a service that allows you to control and improve the work of staff, improve the quality of services and average control of your institution.

    Place a QR code on each table of your restaurant
    and get a menu card in 8 languages!

    QR Visitizer Resto

    How does it work

    1. Register on the site visitizer.com;
    2. Activate the QR Visitizer-Resto service;
    3. Receive stickers with an individual QR code and place them in customer contact points, such as: entrance to the institution, table, toilet, etc.
    4. Done. Now, after scanning the QR code, the visitor automatically goes to the Visitizer-Resto service, where he can:
    • view the menu of your establishment;
    • find the password from Wi-Fi;
    • call the waiter;
    • find an information about a new products, promotions and discounts;
    • write opinion and see the opinions of other guests.


    All visitor feedback will be immediately sent to you and your administrator in Messenger and saved for future browsing, allowing you to respond quickly to negative ratings and monitor the work of staff and institution as a whole.

    Imagine if the guest who left a negative review is still in your institution. Then you can resolve the negative situation while the customer is still in place. The customer will always appreciate such attention and tell others about it, becoming a frequent guest.

    Functions that Visitizer-Resto provides:

    For management:

    • Allows you to increase the average control and frequency of visits. Visitors will appreciate the availability of high-quality food photos and a description in their native language and will certainly make a more expensive order;
    • Based on feedback from visitors through the NPS system, it allows you to control the level of customer loyalty to your establishment for quickly resolvig conflicts with guests;
    • Understand how institution employees deal with their responsibilities by monitoring staff online;
    • More visitors due to better quality of services;
    • More customer service during peak hours. Visitors will be able to look at the menu themselves, familiarize themselves with promotional or seasonal offers, and when are ready to place an order, call a waiter (and in the future place an order and pay for the order, without the help of the waiter);
    • Savings on additional printing of damaged menu cards, printing of new menus when changing the composition of dishes by creating and changing this data on the establishment's website;
    • Menu card elements, news, events, Wi-Fi password can be easily edited in Visitizer-Resto.


    Visitizer-Resto is a new and appropriate tool simplifying the interaction of staff with guests of the restaurant, improving the quality of services and serving more visitors without attaching additional waiters.

    For visitors:

    • The ability to have an impact on the quality of services provided through their assessment and review, including the quality of dishes, quality of service, equipment and cleanliness of the bathroom, which will certainly increase loyalty to the establishment. All people want to be heard, feel special, also they like useful and pleasant innovations;
    • Possibility of getting acquainted with the multilingual menu map from a smartphone or tablet in the user's language. The menu card contains the name and description of dishes, high-quality photos that will facilitate the selection of guests;
    • By scanning the QR code, thanks to the Visitizer-Resto service, you can find the Wi-Fi password, read real guest reviews, promotions and events, choose dishes, invite the waiter, reserve a table for the desired date and time;

    The Visitizer Packet also includes:

    • Professional filling of the business card by the Visitizer specialist with client materials;
    • Multilingual menu card with 8 languages ​​(Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) also with the option of adding languages;
    • Designing and printing stickers with a unique QR code for the entire establishment;
    • Option to change the appearance and style of stickers with a QR code.
    • Support 24/7.

    Packet cost:

    One-time installation  980 PLN + 10 PLN / month for each table (minimum fee for 5 tables).

    Contact our manager for more information and see the demo version of Visitizer-Resto:

    Tel. / Viber / WhatsApp: +48 510 062 560