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    Information about you and your services
    Full description of services or works
    The more and more accurately the service will be described, the sooner customers will find you.
    Work experience
    Your professional experience should work for you, being one of the most important characteristics. Great experience shows that you have the right skills and can apply them.
    Price list of services
    Knowing your rates, you will be contacted by those customers who are able to pay for your services, which means saving them and your time.
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    Works portfolio
    Quality photos of your work or projects with comments are very important! Visitors, seeing with your own eyes your capabilities, will definitely want to order such a service and become your regular customers.
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    Add video
    Your own video will make your business card more professional and engaging, and your potential customers will be able to see what cannot be displayed in pictures and described in words by becoming your regular customers.
    Confirmation of your qualification
    Professional skills
    To show yourself as a specialist, indicate the most unique qualities that you possess and for which clients want to appeal to you.
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    Diplomas, Certificates, Certificates and Licenses
    Your customers will be able to ensure that you have the necessary education, qualifications, permits and permits.
    Tools to get in touch with you
    Phone number
    This contact will speed up the purchase of a service or product
    Customers will be able to contact you through free and convenient contacts (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram)
    Work address (in Google Maps format)
    By specifying the address of your work, you minimize the number of "idle" calls, saving time for yourself and people, and motivate customers to reach you, "because close".
    1 address
    Your working status
    Your clients will see your current job status (such as vacant or temporarily unavailable, on vacation, etc.).
    Feedback from your customers
    Reviews are your rating and the basis of your reputation. The higher the reputation, the greater the trust of the customers, which means more hits and orders.
    Ability to respond to customer feedback
    Thank your visitors for good reviews, remind yourself and turn them into regular customers.
    Advanced functionality of online business card
    Multilingual online business cards
    The ability to create a business card in different languages ​​- is the presentation of their business in the international market, the ability to communicate and correspond with clients in selected languages. Provide all the languages ​​you speak and customers from other countries will be able to find you.
    The personal URL of your business card site
    URL is a special form of an individual web address tag that contains your business name / domain name and domain name.
    visitizer.com/en/Card/0001 (де 0001 the order number of your business card) petroff.visitizer.com (where petroff is your name/business name) petroff.visitizer.com (where petroff is your name/business name)
    Visitizer support
    Help professional fill in the online business card
    The quality of the business card depends on the number of visitors who are interested in the specialist and the efficiency of business promotion as a whole. Trust this to the professionals, and do the customer service yourself.
    This service is ordered and priced individually (contact sales)
    Individual visit from a specialist Visitizer
    You can always seek the advice of experts on the features of the site and help with filling out an online business card. It depends on both the success of your business and our success.
    Visitizer tools to attract new customers
    UTO. Your banner banner as a Unique Trading Offer.
    UTO is an opportunity to surprise the buyer, to convey to him that you are one of a kind, no one else does the same, or better than you. Or what is the novelty and originality of your solution.
    Searching for your services through internet search engines
    Search Engines are special sites that provide users with hyperlinks to searchable materials, products or services that match the search query. And if it is easier, then the opportunity to find you on the Internet by keywords (tags).
    Search for jobs and services through the Visitizer site search engine
    Subsequently, the Visitizer specialist pool will bring together many professionals from around the world. This ability to search for key phrases from business card names and texts will greatly simplify the task of finding the right specialists.---- v