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    Services. We all use them. So from time to time, we seek professional assistance of dentists, mechanics, hairdressers and other specialists. But we don't always know if this assistance will be qualified in fact.

    On the other hand, how can specialists prove their qualifications? Their amount of customers and their income depend on that. After all, a service is not a thing that can be felt with the hands. Once on a business trip, I'd felt a terrible backache, then I started to look for a masseur on the Internet. But who can be trusted with my health? How to choose a good specialist? It was very hard for me to make a choice. That day I got the idea of running an online platform for everyone who seeks or provides services. The place where specialists would post information about themselves, and their clients would find and recommend them helping other people to make a choice.

    Since that day I had been seeking and analyzing the information, discussing details, testing prototypes and building a team for several years. As a result, the original idea was transformed a lot. And now we have not just a platform but truly reliable social network called Visitizer (visit and organizer).

    Good specialists take care and help each customer because they understand all the importance of reputation more than anyone else they do.The recommendation means trust. If one takes care about one's customers, Visitizer takes care of providing the contact info of that Specialist to everyone who needs it. To enjoy all the benefits of Visitizer for a Specialist it’s enough to create a visiting card and to ask his or her customers for a recommendation. Rating of specialists is based on recommendations.

    For customers it’s enough to enter Visitizer, set searching parameters, point the convenient area on a map, select a Specialist and then get in touch with that one.

    We have many ideas that allow us to add useful functions frequently and constantly. Now, when new visiting cards and recommendations of satisfied customers appear every day, we believe that Visitizer can change the quality and the way of consuming services through the reputation care. And to the question “where to find the desired service” everyone will know the answer — “at Visitizer”. Because all the contacts of trusted Specialists are here.

    Welcome to the new world, to a trust-based social network for people who search or provide qualified services.

    Welcome to Visitizer!

    Mikhail Kashchenko